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June 27 -

October 1, 2018

Aurora United Church:

200 Years at Yonge and Tyler, and the journey continues

Town Park: A Community Storybook has received funding from the

Virtual Museum of Canada' s Community Stories Investment Program.


On This Spot: Aurora


The lot at the corner of Yonge and Tyler stands empty today. Four years ago a devastating fire destroyed the home of the congregation of Aurora Methodist/United Church. But it was not the first fire that the members of the church had experienced. Nor was it the first struggle they had faced in their two hundred year history. Through wars, depressions, rebellion; through changes in their community from farmland to commuter town, through change from Methodist to United, the spirit that drove that early congregation remained.


And that spirit remains today – 200 years later as we celebrate and honour our 200 years at the corner of Yonge and Tyler and look forward as our journey continues.


alt text

Aurora Methodist Church

c. 1890
alt text

Aurora United Church

c. 1960s
alt text

Sanctuary Renovations

alt text

Sunday School Class

c. 1865

This exhibition is guest curated by the Aurora United Church 200th Anniversary Committee.

alt text

12th York Battalion

c. 1900
alt text

Track and Field

c. 1930s
alt text

Dominion Day Lacrosse Game

alt text

Girl Cadets

c. 1940s

Town Park: A Community Storybook

Now online


As a casual meeting place, site of celebration, active sports field, and military establishment, Town Park has been a focal point in the Town of Aurora for over 150 years. Over the years and across generations, this tiny plot of land has played host to thousands of visitors seeking a sense of community.   Woven into the very fabric of Aurora, Town Park: A Community Storybook recalls the compelling history of a place that is much more than a neighbourhood park



From The Collection



Snapshot Aurora: A Front Yard Portrait


Download the app to view over 100 historical photos of Aurora and compare them to carefully restaged photos from the same perspective today. Using the in-app camera you can create your own then and now photos, and superimpose yourself into historic photos of Aurora. In addition, two walking tours give unparalleled access to our local history.

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Self-guided walking tours

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100 then & now images

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Watch the street change

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add your own photos


A fun project for the whole Town!  Help the Museum document life in Aurora by having your photograph taken in front of your business or residence. Photographers from the Aurora Camera Club will be fanning out across town to take your picture. Or, if you prefe

upload your own photograph directly to the museum.

A joint project with the

alt text

Davis Family, Yonge Street

c. 1900s
alt text

Charles Family

c. 1920
alt text

Unknown Family, Victoria Street

c. 1890s
alt text

Graham Family, Centre Street


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