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Snapshot Aurora: A Front Yard Portrait

September -

November 2017

alt text

12th York Battalion

c. 1900
alt text

Track and Field

c. 1930s
alt text

Dominion Day Lacrosse Game

alt text

Girl Cadets

c. 1940s

Town Park: A Community Storybook

Now online


As a casual meeting place, site of celebration, active sports field, and military establishment, Town Park has been a focal point in the Town of Aurora for over 150 years. Over the years and across generations, this tiny plot of land has played host to thousands of visitors seeking a sense of community.   Woven into the very fabric of Aurora, Town Park: A Community Storybook recalls the compelling history of a place that is much more than a neighbourhood park



A fun project for the whole Town!  Help the Museum document life in Aurora in 2017 by having your photograph taken in front of your business or residence. Photographers from the Aurora Camera Club will be fanning out across town from September through November to take your picture. Or, if you prefer

upload your own photograph directly to the museum.

alt text

Davis Family, Yonge Street

c. 1900s
alt text

Charles Family

c. 1920
alt text

Unknown Family, Victoria Street

c. 1890s
alt text

Graham Family, Centre Street


A joint project with the

Learn more about this project during Doors Open at 22 Church Street in Brevik Hall where the Aurora Museum & Archives will be exploring the history and custom of the front yard portrait.

Opens Saturday,

October 21st, 2017

The Plow in the Crest:

How Joseph Fleury and his Sons Shaped Industry, Politics and Community in Aurora


Inextricably linked with the history of Aurora, this exhibition delves into the personalities behind one of the largest manufacturing firms and employers in Aurora, and one of the most successful of the many agricultural implements firms established in Ontario.


alt text

Fleury Office

c. 1900s
alt text

J. Fleury's Sons

c. 1900
alt text

Sulky Plow Flyer

alt text

Aurora Agricultural Works

c. 1870s

Guest Curated by Joseph Fleury’s Great-Grandchildren:

Ann, Bill, and David Fleury

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The Mission of the Aurora Museum & Archives is to serve as a repository for the collective stories and experiences of the Town of Aurora.  We are committed to preserving, promoting and presenting the vibrant and ever changing character of the Town by making our collection accessible and available.





The mandate of the Aurora Museum & Archives is to collect, preserve, exhibit, and share material that has a meaningful connection to the Town of Aurora and serves to document its evolving history.





The Aurora Museum & Archives has its origins in the Aurora Historical Society which was founded in 1963.  For 50 years the Society developed, preserved and interpreted a collection of over 16,000 objects.  Known as the Aurora Collection, it includes artifacts, photographs, textiles, books and documents spanning the period from 500 BC to present day.


In 2013, the Aurora Collection was transferred to the Town of Aurora and the Town’s first curator was hired in December 2014.  The Aurora Collection was re-branded in 2015 as the Aurora Museum & Archives and is part of the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department of the Town of Aurora.


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