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Into the Wardrobe

These are the clothes from the back of the wardrobe. The pieces you carefully take out every few years just to look at, the clothing you pass on to your children. Each piece was made for an important occasion: for christenings, wedding days, times of war, to mourn a loved one.
Over the years, families donated these precious items to the Museum, creating a large collection of textiles. For many pieces this is the first time they are on display to the public, but of course, what you see here today is just one glimpse of Aurora’s past.
Some pieces have a story, while the past of others remain a mystery. Regardless, each piece is a stitch in a bigger story. They tell us about the families who once lived here, the important moments that shaped their lives, and how, while styles have changed, sentiments do not.
You are cordially invited to explore and imagine yourself present on the days these clothes were made for. Come on in!

The Origins of Christening Gowns