The Queen’s York Rangers: Swift and Bold

From the York Militia to the Queen’s York Rangers – 1st American Regiment, discover how deep Aurora’s military roots run by viewing this short documentary that was produced in 2019, by Mountain Goat Film Company. This film takes the audience on a journey from the Regiment’s 18th Century foundation through to modern times.
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Temple of Fame

The Temple of Fame was a popular theatrical performance that debuted in Aurora in 1900. It was performed again in 1918 as a fundraiser to support the war effort. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 1918 performance, the Temple of Fame was re-staged in 2018 and performed by a talented group of local actors and musicians.
This film was created by Mountain Goat Film Company and uses footage from the theatrical production of the performance that took place in Aurora on May 11 – 13, 2018.

Canada’s Birthday Town

A short documentary film that examines the origins and history of Aurora: Canada’s Birthday Town. Narrated by James Duthie.

Walking Tours

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Download the app to view over 100 historical photos of Aurora and compare them to carefully restaged photos from the same perspective today. Using the in-app camera you can create your own then and now photos, and superimpose yourself into historic photos of Aurora. In addition, three walking tours give unparalleled access to our local history.

Take a tour by following one of our .pdfs