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World UFO Day

Interior of a toy set, imprinted with the name at the top: Space Faces, with numerous colourful plastic pieces meant to be pushed into fruit to make alien characters, stored in the cardboard base which is printed in navy blue with yellow and orange outlines indicating where the pieces are meant to fit. At the centre is a shallow foam cylinder with a face made of some of the pieces as an example.

In 1953, the Pressman Toy Corporation released Space Faces, a toy (989.41.11) that could transform any vegetable into an alien personality by using sound stabilizer earpieces, cosmic ray nosepieces, asteroid detector eyebrows, super sight eyes or anti-gravity feet.   Help us celebrate World UFO Day, July 2nd, by making your own alien creation!

When Space Faces was released, the public was growing more and more fascinated with UFOs and the idea of alien lifeforms. In 1948, the US Air Force began investigating UFO reports under the moniker of Project Sign, which was succeeded by Project Grudge, and finally became Project Blue Book. From 1952-1969, Project Blue Book had more that 12,000 reports of UFO sightings or UFO related events.   In recent years, declassified military footage has raised new questions about UFOs and their possible origin.  Do you have any sightings to report?

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