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The Mulock Picnic

A sepia-coloured and partially faded photograph with a group of 15 middle-aged and older men in suits, five of whom are holding their hats, standing against a treed background. White cursive writing fills the lower right of the photo.

The Mulock Picnic, hosted by prominent Liberal politician Sir William Mulock on July 18, 1931, drew a crowd of at least 8,000 from the region to Island Grove, which is located north-east of Aurora on Lake Simcoe. Children 15 and under had the opportunity to win a pony by guessing the number of candies in a jar, but unfortunately no Aurorans placed in the contest, although many were in attendance.

The group of men shown in this photo (2002.17.1) include J.M. Walton, far left, who served as Aurora’s Mayor from 1923-1928, and again in 1940.

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