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The Canadian National Exhibition

A yellowed ticket to the 1912 Canadian National Exhibition, with black printing in a variety of fonts, and the signatures of two officials, as well as lines filled in with the details of the ticket holder. Along the bottom a grid of dates from August and September have been punched irregularly with small holes.

For over 140 years, the end of summer vacation has been signaled by the arrival of Toronto’s CNE.

Originally called the Industrial Exhibition of Toronto, the fair was re-named in 1912 to the Canadian National Exhibition – the same year this ticket (76.12.12aa) was issued.

This exhibitor’s ticket belonged to Herbert J. Charles, an Aurora resident who made a living as a travelling salesman. If you look closely at the holes punched along the bottom edge you can see that Mr. Charles spent quite a bit of time on the grounds showcasing his products.

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