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Summertime Correspondence

A postcard with a black and white photograph of two railway cars stopped in front of Bond Lake with two people standing in front of the cars around the centre of the image. Six wooden utility poles are spaced out across the image, two sets of train tracks go across the image in front of the stopped cars, and trees surround the lake in the background

This postcard (83.23.3) shows two Radial Railway cars stopped at Bond Lake, which is approximately 3.5 km south of Yonge and Bloomington. The postcard was addressed to a Miss Gertrude Atkinson and sent on September 6, 1917, it reads: “Was delighted to hear from you. Your card was delayed. I had wondered and wondered about the Garden Party but of course the weather explained. When do your holidays commence. R went back to school Tues so its “lonesome me” again. Should like to see you. How’s Everton? – Hazel.”

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