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Spring Thaw

A steel plowshare with severe rust discolouration photographed on a plain white background and shown beside an inset black and white image of a Fleury garden plow with a red square highlighting the location of the plowshare part on the plow

As the ground finally thaws, farmers must prepare their fields for seeding.  For millennia, the plowshare was where the steel met the soil, cutting a furrow that would be overturned by the curved moldboard.  This plowshare (78.5.1) is said to come from an Aurora-made Fleury garden plow, as shown in the inset image.  The term share comes from the Old English scear meaning “that which cuts”.  Nowadays, plowshares are best known from their biblical reference, “swords to plowshares” which gained new significance in the 20th century in the redirection of defense funds to other programs.

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