From the Collection

Spring Maintenance

A metal wrench with rust discolouration that has five square openings and one octagonal opening, photographed flat on a plain white background

With the Spring sun peeking out from behind the Winter clouds, many of us pull out our toolboxes and set to the tasks that passed us by during the cold months.  Might we suggest using a convenient multi-tool such as this wrench (76.7) from our collection?   Featuring six openings for mostly square nuts, this wrench is said to have been used on a locally-made Fleury plough.  Tools such as these were used until the mid-20th century, primarily by farmers.  Need to tighten the heel or frog on your Fleury No.5?   Tractor seat came loose o’er the winter in the barn?  Keep one of these in your pocket and you won’t be caught slippin’!

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