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Scribble Day

Three 20th century writing implements photographed against a plain white background: 1. a contoured yellow wooden nib-pen, with a bulbous cork grip, and a fine pointed nib, stained black with ink. The words "1004 Eagle Pencil Co. Made in Canada" are imprinted in silver on the barrel. 2. A mottled tan and black mechanical pencil with a gilded tip, and with its cap on the back, concealing a secondary fountain-pen nib. 3. A crimson pencil with white string and tan paper self-sharpening tip, and the words "Complementary Sample" imprinted in silver on the barrel.

Every March 27th, on Scribble Day, we are encouraged to embrace the simplicity and fun of drawing without restriction.  Used by students in the mid-20th century, this yellow Dip Pen (86.28.14) was made in Drummondville, Quebec by Eagle.  The mottled celluloid example (86.28.12) is in fact a combination mechanical pencil and fountain pen – with the nib under the cap.  What looks like a red grease pencil (86.28.15) is in fact a “Klenzo” eraser for removing ink – in case your scribble gets too extreme!  We hope these three historic writing tools may spur you to pick up your own!

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