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Riding the Rails

A rectangular yellow passenger rail receipt that has damage along the top edge and seven small punched holes across small black printed text which describes fare prices, rail stop numbers, and dates, with larger black printed text describing the ticket terms on the bottom half of the receipt

Aurora has been a significant rail destination from Toronto since the arrival of the first steam train in 1853, when the town was still known as Machell’s Corners.  By the early 20th century, the railway was the primary means of connection between Toronto and towns in York Region.

This Passenger’s Receipt (995.8.30)  from the Toronto Transportation Commission’s Radial Railway shows a trip from Aurora (Stop 44) to Burnabie’s and Legge’s Gates (Stop 34), just South of Bond Lake in Richmond Hill.  The trip cost only 15 cents, and was stamped for the 15th or 16th of December. The year is unknown, but the TTC’s original incarnation ran the Radial Railway between 1927 and 1948.

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