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Pet Day

A black and white photograph of three older women in long simple dresses, standing in the doorway and outside of a small clapboard-sided house with dark trim, with another large, darker home in the background. One black spotted and three fully white cats are moving past the women to the left, a large collie dog looks on from the right.

Keeping pet animals has long been a significant part of human societies, and we celebrate this each year on April 11th, Pet Day!  Although the cats and dog in this c. 1920 photo (84.30.3)  may have had jobs to do on at the this family’s property, such as pest control or defense against predators, the companionship of our four-legged friends (not to mention the scaly, swimming or winged kinds) is something people many cherish deeply.   Make sure to give your pet some extra love to celebrate!

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