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More Cowbell!

A metal cowbell with rust discolouration that has an opening and bell on the left end and a handle on the right end, photographed on a plain white background

Free-roaming cattle were often adorned with cowbells such as this (2003.10.2), which would hang from a strap and make noise as a cow moved about.   These bells had other uses, some more musical than others.  This particular cowbell came to the Museum with another kind of noisemaker used in Charivaris (Chivarees), a kind of discordant mock-parade that townspeople would put on as a kind of disruptive objection to adulterers and socially unacceptable marriages – such as those with a large age-gap or too soon after the death of a spouse.   The tradition evolved into a simple, yet noisy, hazing of newlyweds, and this is likely the form that took place in Aurora in the late 19th century.

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