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French Toast Day

A discoloured rectangular shipping label that reads "UNGRADED EGGS FOR SHIPMENT ONLY" in large black text, underneath are boxes with the words "Shipper" followed by blank lines on the left, and "To: Cook's Supplies PHONE 9 - AURORA" on the right

What is one to do with the stale heel of the week’s loaf?  This has been a problem bread lovers have faced for centuries.  The French developed the brilliant technique of soaking the stale bread in a raw egg custard and then cooking it to golden perfection. Thus was born Pain Perdu – lost bread, with usefulness reborn anew.

The British took this idea across the channel and in their usual way of eschewing the French language, called it the apt but uninspired “Eggy Bread”. In Canada, we’ve split the difference with “French Toast” which we celebrate on November 28th.  This egg shipping label (80.10) is just the first step to a delicious breakfast.

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