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Doughnut Day

A detail photograph of a pink and white label on a bag of bread.

On Doughnut Day we are celebrating an old Auroran bakery, Scanlon Bakery, opened by Richard Scanlon in 1886. Scanlon Bakery was very well known and cottage-goers travelling on Yonge Street would stop at the bakery and try their delicious offerings.  This bread bag (84.24.12) was used for the bakery’s fine breads. The bakery also offered pies, tarts, pastries, cakes and fabulous tiered wedding cakes. Scanlon Bakery had a delivery fleet complete with a horse-drawn carriage to better serve their customers and several branches including some in Toronto. In 1931, the Toronto Daily Star (January 21) wrote, “Advising you to become a devotee to Scanlon dainties”.

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