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Caruso & Company

A black and white photograph of Anthony Caruso standing on a sidewalk under an awning, positioned in the centre left of the frame, looking into the camera while wearing a hat, glasses, a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up and high-waisted trousers. Baskets of produce are lined up and stacked on both sides of the sidewalk, a sign that reads "Tomatoes 20₵" in black writing is on the left side of the frame on top of produce baskets, and in the background are people in front of store windows with a hanging sign that reads "DRUGS"

Established in 1913 by Anthony Caruso (pictured, 988.14.19), Caruso & Company was a Yonge Street staple for over a century.  While we were sad to hear that the business would be closing its doors in 2020, we wanted to congratulate the family on their retirement and celebrate their story and successes.

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