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Back to School in the New Year

A discoloured and creased white certificate with a small hole and dark brown stain around the centre, with black printed text and black handwritten cursive text filling in names and dates on given lines

While this year is a bit different than others, students would ordinarily be settling back into the routines of school after their holiday break. While we don’t know the circumstances surrounding the issue of this January 8, 1880 slip to Thomas Graham (75.14.6) we do know that he was likely 15 at the time, and attending high school in Newmarket. Aurora did not have its own secondary school until the Aurora District High School was opened on Wells St. in 1892.

Thomas E. Graham was the Great-great-great grandson of William Graham, United Empire Loyalist and one of the original settlers in Whitchurch, whose family was significant in the development of Aurora.

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