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Aurora’s Street Names and the Employees of the Fleury Foundry

A faded black and white photograph of a group of men in front of a brick industrial building, many holding their hats in front of them.

Captured in July of 1893, this image (992.13.2) shows a group of Fleury Foundry employees posing for a photo. The ink numbers written on each person correspond to a legend that identifies the men. Reading the list, you would almost think you were driving through Aurora as many of the family names are also street names, for example:

#13 Milton Fleury (Fleury St)

#17 Alex W. Brodie (Alex Brodie Dr)

#21 Charles Bailey (Bailey Cres)

#24 Charles Webster (Webster Dr)

#32/39 James and Jacob Anderson (Anderson Place)

#34 William Graham (William Graham Dr)

#38 Joseph Holman (Holman Cres)

Note: This does not mean the street was named after this specific person

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