From the Collection

A Trip to Paris

A discoloured white postcard with two green 5 cent stamps and a circular black stamp in the top left corner, a name and address written in black and brown cursive writing that has been partially crossed out, and a paragraph of black cursive writing on the bottom half of the card

The prominent Fleury family from Aurora were known to take regular family trips across the Atlantic via steam powered passenger liners.  This postcard (2002.17.3) was sent 107 years ago this January 14th by Herbert W. Fleury to family member Helen Campbell, while he was in Paris.

H.W.’s complaint that darkness falls too early is factually incorrect, as Aurora saw the sun set a full 13 minutes earlier than Paris the day this was written.   Perhaps with each sunset, he felt cheated of his limited vacation time and one day closer to the long ship-ride home.


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