June 27 -

October 1, 2018

Aurora United Church:

200 Years at Yonge and Tyler, and the journey continues

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Aurora Methodist Church

c. 1890
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Aurora United Church

c. 1960s
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Sanctuary Renovations

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Sunday School Class

c. 1865


The lot at the corner of Yonge and Tyler stands empty today. Four years ago a devastating fire destroyed the home of the congregation of Aurora Methodist/United Church. But it was not the first fire that the members of the church had experienced. Nor was it the first struggle they had faced in their two hundred year history. Through wars, depressions, rebellion; through changes in their community from farmland to commuter town, through change from Methodist to United, the spirit that drove that early congregation remained.


And that spirit remains today – 200 years later as we celebrate and honour our 200 years at the corner of Yonge and Tyler and look forward as our journey continues.


APRIL 25 -

june 10, 2018

The Temple Of Fame:

Staging Women's Roles

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Temple Of Fame Program

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Temple Of Fame cast photo

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Suffrage in North America

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Victory loan ad



As a female-driven performance, The Temple of Fame reflected women’s active role in society. Along with supporting war efforts, many women in Aurora, and in Canada, were also active in suffrage and temperance movements. This community- driven work, along with wartime politics, supported women’s enfranchisement, which was achieved at the national level two weeks after the performance was produced.



October 2017 -

aPRIL , 2018

The Plow in the Crest:

How Joseph Fleury and his Sons Shaped Industry, Politics and Community in Aurora

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Fleury Office

c. 1900s
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J. Fleury's Sons

c. 1900
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Sulky Plow Flyer

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Aurora Agricultural Works

c. 1870s


Inextricably linked with the history of Aurora, this exhibition delves into the personalities behind one of the largest manufacturing firms and employers in Aurora, and one of the most successful of the many agricultural implements firms established in Ontario.


June - September 2017

Canada’s Birthday Town

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Children's Parade

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Children's Parade

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Patriotic Parachutist

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German Beer Garden



In 1969, fresh off the momentum from Canada’s Centennial celebrations, and propelled by both enthusiastic residents and Councillors, the Town of Aurora declared itself Canada’s Birthday Town.


March 2016 - june 2017

Built Culture: Memories of the Precinct

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Exhibit Room, 2016

alt text

Mechanic's Hall

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Town Park, 2015

Concerts in the Park
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Cousins Dairy, 1927


Built Culture: Memories of the Precinct highlighted the cultural heritage of Aurora through the lens of its historic Cultural Precinct. The exhibit focused on both the architectural qualities and the vestiges of memory contained within the sites, which include: Mechanics’ Hall, Church Street School, New Connexions Methodist Church, Trinity Anglican Church, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Town Park, Victoria Hall, The Armoury, Rising Sun Lodge, Wells Street School, and the Aurora Public Library.

June 2015 - February 2016

A Legacy of Sport

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Aurora Lacrosse Team, 1907

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Aurora Ladies Hockey Team, c. 1920

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Aurora High School Basketball Team, 1931

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Track and Field, c. 1930s


A Legacy of Sport examined the long connection of sport to the Town of Aurora in historic and contemporary times.  Archival records indicate that beginning in the 1800s sporting competitions took place as part of larger local events such as fairs or reunions.  Whenever there was a gathering of people there was sure to be a football match, foot races, or a baseball tournament.  Local businesses also formed teams to compete against each other including the Collis leather Hockey Team and the Sisman Shoes Baseball Team.  Throughout the late nineteenth and early twentieth century interest in physical education and competitive sport grew along with the number of school athletic teams. At present there are over thirty-five sport orientated organizations in town offering athletic opportunities from early childhood through to later adult life.

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